MP Vitrage offers laminated versions so as to meet all the needs of ancien architecture.

General information

Formerly called TRIPLEX, laminated glass was invented accidentally by a chemist in 1903. Considered as a safety glass, this multilayer glazing is difficult to break. It therefore reduces the risk of cuts while maintaining the glass and secures the public until its replacement.


Laminated glass is a set of at least two sheets of identical or varying thicknesses, assembled together by means of a film or a resin. The method of lamination differs depending on the material used in the assembly.

MP Vitrage is equipped to transform all types of laminated safety glass.

It is thus possible to meet a wide variety of demandes especially while proposing laminated glass to the former, glass laminated, floor slabs and bulletproof glass. We are also responding positively to all other particular requests, such as bulkheads, guard. We also respond positively to any other special requests, such as partitions, bodyguards.

Possibilities for the integration of patterns exist on this type of glass. Just like the stained-glass window inserted in double glazing, it can be an alternative to traditional stained glass through visuals introduced in-between the glazing interlayers.


Laminated glass has improved acoustic and thermal properties. Its applications are numerous and assemblies can reach a format of 3,20 x 2,30 m.

The interlayer also plays a role of filter against ultraviolet rays.


Laminated glass, combined with a Monastic type of glass for example, allows enhancement of your heritage while ensuring the reduction of noise. They must meet the standard EN ISO 12543-2 for applications not requiring safety-related performance criteria. For your security needs, this glass is offered in multi-laminated versions, composed of more than three sheets of glass.